Bossy Quits her Job Again

The tension has been building up for weeks

Bossy has progressed from vague resentment and mixed anxiety

To waving her hands

To saying "Suck Rocks!" at work

Selfish isn't surprised when Bossy comes home and announces:

"I gave Notice!"

"Oh come on!" Bossy thumps the words out at Selfish, "Yes you too are worried!"

Selfish innocently stares at Bossy. Speaking in his radio announcer's calm confident "we'll win the war" voice he replies, "Really Bossy I'm not. Whatever makes you say that?"

Bossy can't believe what she's hearing. She claps her hands up over her ears, checking them out and then flings her arms out at Selfish. Selfish flinches even though he's well out of arm reach.

"For Gawd's sake Selfish!" Bossy continues, "The day I came home and first told you I gave notice…remember!"

Selfish continues to look innocence.

"Remember Selfish! At bed time!?"

A small light dawns and Selfish laughs. Bossy is indignant.

"And the next day you threw up when we were talking about how we'd have to budget!" she points out triumphantly. "I'm afraid you're going to start getting your weird headaches again!"

"I've always maintained my headaches don't have anything to do with you", Selfish states indignantly "and I threw up because I ate something."

"What am I supposed to do?" Bossy voice hovers in mosquito pitch. "They keep wanting more but they won't trade anything back!"

Bossy is truly worried about Selfish. "It's 'cause I'm nice!" she wails.

Bossy is also worried about herself. "I don't want to be stuck in a place where I have to fight all the time! I just want to do my job but they keep changing the rules. Half the time they don't tell me the new rules and the rest of the time they hold their cards against their chests!" Bossy hands are flailing. "The only thing I'm good for is work! I'm poopy at this politics thing," she squeaks.

Out of the blue Bossy hiccups, throws her hand over her mouth and looks beseechingly at Selfish. "It'll be OK" she goes on. "I'm sorry. I'll find work. I always do! I don't want you to worry. I promise I'll get work!" she mumbles behind her hand.

"Look Bossy" Selfish says sternly. "It was the coffee on an empty stomach not your quitting work. That's why I threw up. And I was anxious about our anchor. I thought we might be dragging. It was a bunch of things!"

"Don't shout at me", Bossy wails and then hiccups again.

"Bossy! Bossy! Bossy! Shut-up!"

Bossy puts her hand over her mouth again.

"Remember the night you came home and told me you'd given notice. I wasn't surprised. We'd talked about it! I could see how uncomfortable you were becoming." Bossy starts to speak but Selfish waves her off and continues, "You twist things too!" Selfish shines at Bossy. "It didn't end up being all that quiet for all that long that night in bed either. We both went to sleep with smiles on our faces!"

Selfish had almost worked himself up to righteous indignation.

"For Gawd's sake Bossy I'm 63! Give me a break!"

Bossy sniffles.

"You'll find work. It'll be OK."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure. You always do." Selfish smiles, stands up and stretches, "Now can I have a nap?"

"OK OK but…"

"But what Bossy?" Selfish has had enough fun.

"Wanna fool around first?"

Selfish groans.