Bossy Rants

On the Hook in the rain

Twirling for the Three Day

Long Weekend

"Sell-fish", Bossy whines just loud enough to wake Selfish up from his afternoon nap. "How can people expect other people to live up to all the expectations that are out there…" Bossy pauses for a big breath, "when we can't even get the most basic rules right?"

Selfish groans. "Sweet-heart", he answers very patiently, "What are you talking about!?"

"Thou Shalt Not Kill! I thought it was the first Commandment but it's like eighth down on the list."

Selfish looks over to see a Bible in Bossy's hands. Bossy's finger is counting Commandments. He groans again as quietly as possible.

Bossy notices but doesn't speak to it, instead she stays on topic, "Look! We can't get any of these right." Bossy throws her hands up into the air, the Bible thumps off her lap onto the floor. "I think we should put all of the other commandments on the back burner until we get the first few right, then work on the others! It's obviously way too confusing for us."

Selfish shakes his head beaming "what ever you say Dear" back at Bossy with his sleepy totally resigned and somewhat amused eyes.

"And it's not just Ten Commandments!" Bossy goes on. "There's pages of them!" Bossy flips the pages. "Of course there's a fair bit of stuff on Oxen. I'm not sure if that's worth while….well maybe….I don't know...still, there's like 237 or 125! Lots!"

Selfish laughs, puffs his pillow and reaches for his book. Bossy picks up the Bible puts it away, spies her cookbook and decides to make fudge.

Selfish has another 23-minute nap.