Bossy says, "Oops!"

Selfish has worked two twelve hours day shifts

Then three twelve hour night shifts

He's slept a total of 19 hours in the last five days

It's December

It's cold

"Oh Gawd I'm tired!" says Selfish. "Murff gerlop love schlyou".

"Go To Bed! I miss you but we'll talk when you've had a good sleep", says Bossy brushing Selfish's hair off his forehead. "Loud's out. I'm just going to go on the back of the boat and check the water and then I'll go for walk. By the time I get back you'll be fast asleep and I'll be really quiet. I promise!"

Selfish snuggles under the covers and Bossy struggles into her coat and hat and gloves and boots and steps carefully onto the icy dock. "Oops" Bossy says out loud to herself as she slips despite being careful.

She doesn't fall.

Carefully she reaches over the gap between the dock and the boat and grips the rail. Carefully she steps from the dock onto the back of the boat.

Carefully she checks the water supply and determines the tank will have to be filled. She decides to wait until Selfish has had some rest. Water flowing into the tank when it's that empty can be quite loud!

Bossy turns from her chore and takes in the cold winter day smiling as she spots a seal in the water and then turns around and steps straight into the chuck. Horrified she reaches out to the dock managing to stop herself from going completely under. A spectacular bruise will later develop to amaze and awe all who see it.

"Selfish!" screams Bossy holding onto the dock hoping no one's seen her hit the chuck. She knows it's hopeless to drag herself out without help. "Selfish! Selfish!"

"Selfish!" she wails.

Selfish comes to the door wrapped in his terry cloth housecoat, bleary eyed and justifiably grumpy.

"What?" he grumbles, "What?!"

"I think I wanted some attention" Bossy laughs as Selfish sees her predicament and steps onto the dock in his bare feet.