Bossy & Selfish Need a Favour

Between Christmas and New Years the fridge breaks down

Selfish talks to the boat refrigeration guy down the dock;

"I only do systems"

The Boat Refrigeration Guy talks to a Boat-Fridge-Guy;

"I only do this model"

The Boat-Fridge-Guy talks to another Boat-Fridge-Guy

(Fortunately there's a cold snap)

Kriss has agreed to help move the fridge

None of the Boat-Fridge-Guys do boat calls

Bossy & Selfish & Kriss have coffee before the big job

The big job is:

Hauling the fridge up the ladder through the back hatch onto the icy deck

Hauling the fridge over the railing and onto the frosty dock

Hauling the fridge down the frosty dock, up the slippery ramp, and into Kriss' ageing van

Hauling the fridge miles away to the Second Boat-Fridge-Guy


Doing the whole thing in reverse once the Boat-Fridge-Guy has done his thing!

"Well that was a mighty good cup of coffee Bossy thank you!" says Kriss. "I'll just go and get some rope and then I'll be back."

"Oh thank you Kriss!" Bossy gushes. "I know Selfish is going to buy you breakfast and pay for the gas and shoot you some money but, I can't tell you how much we appreciate your helping us!"

Kriss smiles humbly and goes off to get rope.

As soon as Kriss is out of earshot Bossy turns to Selfish. "Did you notice that Kriss & I couldn't seem to agree on anything!"

"Ya" Selfish laughs, "I was getting worried I'd have to rent a van".

"I think it's because he's Norwegian!" Bossy exclaims.

"Maybe you're right", Selfish agrees silently pondering Bossy's more endearing Norwegian traits. "Why do you think Norway has one of the world's smallest populations?"

Bossy snorts.

"You can't get two of them to agree on anything", they both say at the same time.

Bossy laughs. Selfish laughs. Kriss smiles seeing them laughing as he's coming back with a coil of rope.

"Well he's helping us with our fridge", Bossy muses out loud. "Maybe we don't agree on much but he sure came through in the pinch. That's Norwegian too!"

Selfish rolls his eyes.

Bossy couldn't watch while they took the fridge over the rail.

Kriss told her not to worry. He told her "We'll get your fridge there and back just fine. There'll be nothing to write a story about this trip."

Bossy didn't agree.