Bossy Speaks Out of the Blue

After months of being unable to knit

Bossy returns with a vengeance

She's working on her seventh scarf(1)


"There's just some things I find it impossible to be polite about!"

Selfish is snoring. His approximately 6-foot 3-inch frame is squished onto a four-foot six-inch loveseat. He chokes & grunts & then speaks, "Wha?" he mumbles.

"Like child molesters" Bossy continues. "And anybody who tortures other living things. Poor HerShe! Did you see Hrumph playing her like the bagpipes the other day."

Bossy takes a small pause for a breath. "And despots! I guess a despot figures he can get away with being a despot because there's so much history to prove that you can."

Bossy takes another small air intake break. "But that still doesn't make it right! Do you have any idea how many people have tortured me at work!?"

Selfish gets sad eye on his face and sits up, dreams of dreaming now lost.

"When one of my friends speaks harshly to me, I can speak back to them". Bossy's on a roll now. "Hrumph again!" Bossy mumbles and gets a triumphant look on her face. "He was grumpy the other day and I told him! 'Why are you speaking harshly to me?' I asked him."

Bossy has another one of her small pauses. (Perhaps to allow speech from the peanut gallery but no speech is forthcoming.) She continues, "Hrumph grunted at me and then growled and then he scuttled out pretty quick after I stood up for myself but at work there's no where to scuttle to. You're trapped!"

Bossy looks thoughtful, "Sure it might take Hrumph a couple of days to calm down but at work you've got to deal with that person the next minute, the next second! Even at home with the kids you can send them to their room or go for a walk but at work you're trapped. Trapped!"

Bossy's eyes grow big & round & a little twirly. "Trapped!" she repeats one more time throwing her hands into the air scrabbling at the bars.

Selfish looks long and hard at Bossy, clears his throat and says "Look! See the egret outside the window!"

Bossy makes a hrumphing noise herself and picks up her knitting.

Selfish lays down, rolls over, makes a very small, relieved sigh and goes back to sleep.

Bossy mumbles, "Knit one, purl two" she pauses and whispers "trapped" and then all that's heard are small snores and clicking needles.

(1) See Theming III