Bossy starts yet another New Job

It's Bossy's second day on the new job

The first day went well

Selfish is anxious that the second day goes well too

He wakes her up in the morning with a cup of coffee

And sees her out the door with a hearty "Have a Great Day!" smile

Bossy phones Selfish once she gets down town

"I'm sorry!"

Bossy hears the only words that would even start to get Selfish off the hook. "What am I supposed to do?!" Bossy wails.

"Where are you?" Selfish timidly asks.

"Down town!" Bossy shouts knowing she'll disturb no one at 5:30 on Sunday morning. "I walked to the bridge and then waited for my bus. When it didn't come I started noticing that the traffic was really light". Bossy takes a big breath, "So I walked across the bridge until I could see the clock on the Molson's refinery building!" The words Molson's refinery building were definitely shouted too.

"I'm sorry" Selfish interjects again.

"I couldn't believe it! How could you wake me up and send me off to work an hour early!" Bossy squeaks. "I figured I had lots of time so I walked the rest of the way down town." Bossy voice starts to rise again, "Some junkie did a boogaloo in the middle of the street for me!"

"I'm sorry" Selfish moans.

"Oh I know you didn't do it on purpose!" Bossy lets him off the hook shouting quite gaily now secure in the knowledge that only her and the street people were moving about. "But I have this time to kill before I can go to work so I thought you should be the one to help me kill it!" The words "Kill" and "It" are fairly screamed.

"I'm sorry", Selfish whispers.

When she got to work Bossy told everybody about her experience. "Three people offered to sell me things!" No one at work thought it was nearly as amusing as Bossy did.

Selfish said "sorry" one more time when Bossy got home.