Bossy Takes Loud Shopping

Bossy's feelings are hurt

When Loud won't sit beside her

On the bus going home

After shopping

"How did the shopping go?" Selfish asks Bossy. His voice is brightly cheerful.

Bossy is lying on the settee. There's a cold cloth across her forehead and her feet are raised on pillows. Her forearm covers her eyes. She's muttering.

"Oh it was hideous! We went into seventeen stores and Loud tried on thirty-seven pairs of shoes. None of them were what she wanted and in the end she talked me into buying a packsack she doesn't need!"

Selfish knows he should be careful but instead a smug smile glimmers on his cheeks.

"I can't stand it anymore!" Bossy exclaims. "On the way home she wouldn't even sit with me on the bus. She told me nobody sits with their Mom on the bus. We got into a big fight!"

Selfish smiles his small smile, visions of picky-bickering missed, dancing the sugarplum dance in his head. "You just have to be firm with her," he blurts out knowing he has to say something.

"Great!" Bossy declares. "That's it then! From now on you can take her shopping! What's for supper?"

"Meatloaf", Selfish replies groggily the smile completely gone from his face.

"I hate meatloaf!" shouts Loud from the fo'c'sle.

"Well come and get it anyway!" shouts Bossy rising from the settee busily setting the table.

Selfish and Loud both come to the table muttering. There's some bickering towards the end of the meal about saving some for sandwiches.

Selfish wins.