Bossy Waits

At anchor in Von Donop Inlet

Day Four

The mountains are singing

"Oh. Oh." Selfish says out loud.

Bossy waits.

Selfish moans and shuffles out of The Head where he's been pumping and sighing and thumping and carrying on for some time now.

"What the hell is this!?" Selfish asks triumphantly, displaying in his hand a sopping wet white ball of white.

Bossy reaches over to pick the small lump out of his hand.

"Oh don't touch it!" Selfish jerks his hand away from Bossy.

Bossy puts on her serious face, gets up, looks Selfish in the eye for a second and then bends over his hand to look closer.

"Looks like toilet paper to me!" Bossy says proud of herself, sure she's got the right answer.

Two hours later The Head was fixed.

Bossy put on soothing music and watched the jellyfish swim.