Floosy in Space or HerShe goes for a Boat Ride

Solid & Brando have come for a visit

Everybody is going for a Boat Ride


HerShe cannot be found

After much shouting & looking up And looking down The dock


Bending on knees peeking into hidey-holes

It has been decided to leave without her

Bossy is somewhat anxious about leaving HerShe behind

Everyone assures her the cat will be perfectly fine

For the two hour tour Dowager will be away From the dock

"Thanks Bossy (!) Thanks Selfish (!) for taking us for a boat ride (!)" Solid enthuses. "Brando wanted to get some pictures of the tall ships (!) and there's no way you can get decent pictures from the shore!"

Solid stops enthus-ias-ing and studies Bossy.

"Don't worry about HerShe Bossy, she'll be fine!"

Brando & Selfish give each other confused male looks, wondering what all the fuss is about. Bossy catches looks in mid-cast.

"Oh I know you guys think I'm silly! It's just that it seems to me that HerShe might have abandonment issues*. She's been treated pretty cavalierly in the past." Bossy seeks agreement. Everybody puts on sad face for two seconds. Satisfied Bossy goes on, "I just don't want her to wonder what's going on!"

Again Brando & Selfish throw broad male confused but trying to help (maybe?) looks to each other, wondering, presumably, at the personification of the cat but, are loving & indulgent & long suffering and therefore keep their thoughts to themselves. (Something tells them this is the safest option.)

"She'll be fine Bossy. Look!" Brando tries to distract Bossy and points out a bevy of tall ships.

Everybody gets caught up in admiring the magnificent ships & discussing their origins & worrying about the crazy boat water rush hour traffic & bumpy seas.

After much picture taking & hair raising manoeuvrings around the gawking boats, Bossy settles into the spirit of the whole thing and quite enjoys herself. Scampering down to the galley a high pitched squeal is heard easily over Dowager's 371 Jimmy. "HerShe!"

Bossy rushes out the back hatch. Fumbling with the dinghy is heard. (Selfish gets a worried look on his face.) Bossy comes rushing back through the wheelhouse door. A self satisfied, Cheshire grinning HerShe is held firmly in her arms.

"Where was she?!" lid wonders out loud. "We were looking for you everywhere!" she tells HerShe in a high pitched voice.

"Riding the peak of the skylight, under the dinghy" Bossy advises quite indignant. "She looked like she was enjoying herself!" Bossy casts HerShe an irked look. "She looked like some sort of weird space cat traveller. It was strange!""You silly cat" Bossy admonishes HerShe in the same high pitched voice Solid had used. "You could have fallen off! Why didn't you come out when we called you!" Bossy turned to Solid. "You know what a floozy she is. I thought she'd gone down the dock to flirt with one of the guys. She'll do just about anything to get "the hand". She's got no compunction at all that way! It never occurred to me that she'd be space CowCat riding the skylight under the dinghy!"

"Yeah!" confirmed Solid quite happy to go along with the Flo of things. "I can just see her sitting on the pointed peak of the skylight. You silly cat!" she told HerShe. Solid sought confirmation from Bossy and received a very definitive nod to go on. "HerShe the space cat, exploring where no cat has gone before." Solid hums a few notes from StarTrek. "There she is Space Cat Floosy, calm, confident but above all smugly contemptuous knowing we've all been looking for her."

"You got it!" Bossy agreed.

At this point Brando & Selfish again exchange "Women are nuts" looks.

Once again Bossy & this time Solid notice. Once again because everyone (except HerShe) is being relatively good for the fun-filled-two-hour-tour the looks pass without comment (or hardly any).

Later on Solid tried to get HerShe to sit on her lap. HerShe refused. Solid wreaked her revenge by commenting to Brando that HerShe's tail wasn't as pretty as her cats' at home. Brando heartily agreed.

HerShe flounced off and went for a nap.