Mr. Plineart Offers to Paint Bossy

Mr Plineart offered to paint Bossy

in the nude

Bossy demurred

Mr. Plineart's been by for a visit

Bossy & Selfish discuss the evening as they're getting ready for bed

"I don't like his stuff! I've told him that!" Bossy sputters.

"He said you look a lot like Georgia O'Keefe. I don't understand." Selfish looks properly bewildered. "Do you look like Georgia O'Keefe?"

"No! I don't know! Good grief Selfish! It doesn't matter!" Bossy is frustrated. "I told him Georgia O'Keefe looked like me, he told me I was pretentious and I told him I got the distinction because I was alive and Georgia O'Keefe is dead! 'She doesn't care and can't defend herself' I told him. I do!"

"I don't get it" Selfish doggedly goes on. "The painting would be entitled Georgia O'Keefe and it would be a painting of you in the nude?"

Bossy's patience is running out. Bossy knows the whole thing is pure and completely absurd entertainment only, an elaborate 'worth a try'. Bossy knows Selfish thinks the whole thing is an elaborate 'worth a try' too.

"He said the painting would be titled Georgia O'Keefe" Bossy explains. "He said he wanted me to model for the painting in the nude but that it'd be understood that the model for the painting wasn't in fact Georgia O'Keefe, that that would just be the name of the painting."

"I don't get it." Selfish comments with a grin.

"It's a gimmick!" Bossy squeaks. "I told him when he first brought it up that I didn't see why he even needed a model. His work is impressionistic! He told me he could do portraiture and I told him…"

Bossy waves her arms.

"I told him I could tell soon enough if he could do portraiture once he'd started."

Bossy puts her hands on her hips.

"And he told me the model never…"

Bossy rolls her eyes.

"…got to see the painting before it was finished and I told him…"

Bossy runs out of breath.

Selfish encourages with a twinkle in his eye. "And you told him?"

"I told him!"

Bossy continues still somewhat out of breath.


Bossy gulps.

"…that I was absolutely sure the model had some evidence…"

Bossy waves her arms again.

"…that the painter could paint!"

Selfish laughs somewhat unkindly.

"Oh you like Mr Plineart too! He's highly entertaining and even though he likes to tiptoe on boundaries, he's got a strange sort of honour. He sure knows more about art than I do but..." Bossy's face takes on some anguish. "He probably won't talk to me for week now!"

"Why?!" asks Selfish somewhat surprised as he'd felt they'd had a very amicable visit.

"Cause I hurt his feelings again! But I'd told him before…" Bossy's voice begins to squeak again. "That I was sorry but that I just didn't like his painting!"

"Well you could have been more diplomatic", Selfish comments in a superior tone.

"Diplomatic!" Bossy's voice is definitely squeaking. "He told me I wrote poopy stories! He didn't feel any need to be diplomatic with me!" Bossy eyes are blazing. "Are there different rules here?"

Bossy asked a question that no diplomat would ever answer directly.

Selfish dithered.


Mr Plineart never did paint Bossy. He did however convince a six-foot-tall-red-headed-Glamazon in a leopard skin coat that he'd picked up at a art gallery that he needed a model with just exactly 'that' colour hair to paint a transformation picture of a stallion into a beautiful woman.

"Wow" both Bossy & Selfish said somewhat admiringly when he regaled them with the story. Bossy went on, "That'd be some kind of painting! How would you do it?"

"She'd be in the nude of course?" Selfish asked. "Where would you get the horse to use as your model and how would you get the horse on to your boat?"

Mr Plineart rolled his eyes mocking their incognisance. "It's moot" he said, "can you believe it? I lost her phone number."

"She'll call Mr Plineart" Bossy assured. "No Swedish-Scottish-Red-Headed-Glamazon, especially if she's in a leopard skin coat, could resist you."

Mr Plineart agreed.

Selfish was unsure but diplomatic.