Selfish & Bossy's Vacation

The float switch broke in Clam Bay

Dowager got line around her prop in Genoa Bay

(it took Selfish 3 hours to unwind it - he almost went for a swim)

And Loud phoned in Maple Bay

(She asked to move home for two months)

Selfish had an anxiety attack

"Entertainment value" Bossy piped up.

Selfish looked over, taking his eyes off the vast (not endless) ocean and trained them on Bossy instead.

"Entertainment value" Bossy repeated. "If the float switch hadn't broken…" (Selfish's face gave a grimace) "…and we hadn't got line wrapped around the prop" (Selfish's grimace changed to one of relief, happy they hadn't had to call in the Marines) "…and if Loud hadn't phoned" (Selfish's face went blank, unable to contemplate the disruption of putting another person on the boat for two months) "…we wouldn't have had anything to tell anybody about our vacation".

"How do you figure that?" Selfish asked knowing better but unable to help himself.

"What would we tell people otherwise if they asked 'How was your vacation?' B-O-r-I-n-g". Bossy made bored face and continued, "We dangled on the hook and read. The only time we talked to anybody is when we went into Chemanius and picked up that bottle of sherry for the fruit cake I made."

Selfish's eyes wandered back to the sparkling sea and Bossy picked up her knitting.

"Granted" Bossy mumbled "we'd sure be a lot better off if we were only a bit more easily entertained." She looked up from her knitting and examined Selfish's face. "How about some music?" she asked.

Finally Selfish's face began to look more like vacation face again as The Beatles filled the wheelhouse.

Bossy grunted satisfied and started to knit.

Selfish got a soft smile on his face.

Dowager purred along with the music, her prop just fine.