Selfish does his Chores

Selfish checks the engine

Selfish fusses with the alternator

Selfish worries about the batteries

Selfish drives the boat

"You know Selfish" Bossy says in a rather menacing tone. "I know you've been busy driving the boat but this is absolutely the last time I'm getting you a snack!"

Selfish face expresses child like innocence.

"You don't snack this much if you're self-feeding." Bossy rants on.

Innocence and amusement are now dancing a tango, starting in the eyes and working their way down to the corner of Selfish's mouth.

"You're taking advantage!" Bossy squeaks demanding an apology.

"What do mean?" Selfish fumbles, an irrepressible imp smile escaping for less than a second.

Bossy notes smile, turns on her heel, flounces to the galley and makes up two cucumber and tomato sandwiches.

Selfish has Bossy take over the boat later when he's forced to take his sandwich to the galley to add salt and pepper.

During her time as Captain, Bossy does not touch the wheel, does not see another boat and does not see any logs, crab traps or line. She does however have her Captaincy interrupted when Selfish shouts up from the galley, "We're out of pepper!"

"No we're not" Bossy replies Mona Lisa smile plastered on her face almost lost dancing with the sun nymphs on the water "There's a new package in the cupboard. Fill up the shaker."

Selfish mumbles.

Bossy feels it's the better part of polite not to ask, "Pardon me?"

Dedicated to Jerry Vilhotti, SJP May/2005