Selfish Doesn't Get Turkey

"One Two Three….Four?

One Two Three…Four?

I can't believe it", Bossy mumbles

Selfish missed Family Dinner

He had to Work

"Turkey fumes! Turkey fumes!" Bossy pleads.

"I thought you were OK with missing Family Dinner!"

Selfish sits with his hands hanging between his knees. Slumped. Totally dejected. Lips pouting out. Eyes outraged and very hurt.

"You always complain about Family Dinner! You know how it is!" Bossy flails her arms. "One of the kids act up… Bossy points accusingly at Selfish…"or you do!"

Selfish sighs his shoulder's shuddering.

"The first thing I did when I got there was tell everybody the only thing you wanted was turkey! Everyone knew!" Bossy covers her mouth. "Solid figures she must have put your turkey in Loud's bag…"

Selfish snarls.

"…by mistake!" Bossy exclaims. "I'm sorry!"

"Oh Bossy", Selfish leans forward, his face turning from pout to stricken. "It's not your fault! It's just that I'm surprised at how disappointed I am." He shakes his head. "About turkey!"

"Turkey fumes!" Bossy laughs shaking her head too and leaning over to give Selfish a big hug. Selfish laughs too.

Nobody will admit to having double turkey in his or her take home bag when polled.

Later on Bossy makes soup out of mashed carrots & turnips, stuffing, potatoes & gravy.

Selfish compliments her ingenuity.