Selfish Dreams

Wanted Very-Successful-Wall-Street-Stock-Broker(1)

with an intense interest in marine life, boating, etc.

who does NOT have the time to


"Well", said Selfish raising his eyes to heaven, "First I'd need a Very-Successful-Wall-Street-Stock-Broker(1)".

"What are you talking about?" Bossy asked looking up from sketching in her booky(2) puzzled at the disturbance.

They'd been travelling for five hours. The drone of the motor, the incessant vibration of the boat, the endless horizon, the vast blue sky, the constantly changing pattern of the water had almost emptied both of them. There had been no discussion in the wheelhouse for quite some time.

"My perfect job", Selfish explained. "I was thinking about my perfect job."

Caught successfully now in his loop, Bossy replied, "I thought you wished you could have worked for the Coast Guard or had been a Tug Boat Captain or something like that." She leaned over and tooted the horn on the boat.

"Don't do that!" Selfish admonished.

Bossy looked around and saw sky and ocean. She looked through the back window and saw more sky and ocean. She looked towards the shore and saw ocean and sky and trees and rocks. She turned back to Selfish and shrugged.

"I mean now" Selfish went on somewhat indignantly. "It's too late for me to work for the Coast Guard or get a ticket to be a Tug Boat Captain. I was thinking about my perfect job now."

"So what would you do with your Very-Successful-Wall-Street-Stock-Broker(1)?" Bossy finally fed her line still puzzled, wondering if she should toot the horn again as a scientific experiment.

"Well", Selfish smiled pleased to have at last been allowed to dream out loud, "They'd have to have an intense interest in boating but be so successful that they didn't have time to pursue it...except for once in awhile."

Eyeing the horn, Bossy only hand gestured for him to continue. It was enough.

"I'd have a two hour meeting with them and discuss where their interests lay."

Selfish's face became quite animated.

"I'd need to know whether they wanted Bikini Babes or Antarctic Adventures. I'd talk to them about their options, what they wanted, how much time they had, how much money they were willing to spend and then I'd go out and put the package together for them!"

Selfish gives Bossy a look of triumph.

Bossy studies Selfish carefully, checking for signs of dementia. "Look!" she says pointing, "A seal!"

Selfish looks but catches only the splash as the Seal hits the water.

Half an hour later they threw down the hook. After eating they played Trivial Pursuit.

Selfish won.

(1) (fill in the blank)(2) See Mostly Sad Stories\I'm Not Bad\Note (2)