Selfish Goes to the Dentist

Some fifty odd years of not taking proper care of his teeth

Catches up with him

Selfish has to have all his not so pearly whites removed

Bossy tries hard not to be triumphant

"Who would have figured the steroids they'd given you to keep the swelling down would also give you a bleeding ulcer!" Bossy commiserated.

By the time Selfish's teeth had come into Bossy's realm, it'd been too late. Bossy tried not to shake her finger at Selfish looking pale lying in his hospital bed. She'd come home to Dowager, after work on the hard, and found the head and the floor before it heavily dotted with blood.

"I'm sure glad there was a message on the answering machine from your Boss! I would have been a tad worried otherwise."

Selfish s-m-o-o-t-h on Valium agrees, "You're right Bossy! If I'd only brushed my teeth then they wouldn't have had to give me four bags of blood."