Selfish Makes a Promise

Selfish is in Big Trouble!

He's gone to Holland to visit his friend Heindritch Without

Checking with Bossy first

Bossy runs it by Solid on the telephone

"Well I've asked just about everybody and everybody agrees it was a poopy thing Selfish did! 'Just like Selfish', they all say. They all agree they'd be mad at him too but…."

After twelve seconds even Solid gets impatient, "But what Bossy!""They all say…under the circumstances…it's not a hanging offense. Except Loud of course! She had me going for awhile and then I remembered who I was talking to."Solid snorts. "Bossy don't listen to Loud! It was poopy thing to do but not that poopy. Hendritch paid for the trip and you could have gone! It's not like he just ran away. You guys did discuss it for six months."The word "discuss" is laden with sarcasm. Bossy makes a snarling noise."Bossy! You've got to forgive him. You threw away his Teddy! That's punishment enough. You're just being stubborn."

Bossy sighs.

"Anyways…Selfish phoned me last night." Bossy's voice perks. "He promised never to go to Holland without me again! It struck me later that still left the rest of the world. Luckily he phoned this morning too! His promise now extends to anywhere overseas and all of North and South America(1)."

Bossy stops suddenly and again there's only space on the phone. This time however, Solid does not need to prompt.

"I wonder if I should have locked in Antarctica too?"

Solid snorts again.

(1) See