Selfish Thinks It's Worth It

Selfish worked a 13-hour night shift

He got 4 ½ hours sleep the day before


He still wanted to travel for 3 more hours

Last Voyage:

HerShe brought up a fur ball


Dowager did too

No one's completely sure


Bossy may have brought up a fur ball

last trip too

"How ya doing?" Bossy asked. She was travelling in the step well. Dowager's 371 Jimmy and the sound of the water breaking off the bow, and the occasional squawk of the radio seemed all that composed the sound background prior to her speaking.

Selfish squared his shoulders, cleared his throat and responded with a firm smile, "I'll make it" he said.

The sun was shining. Dowager & Bossy & Selfish had maneuvered through a broken log boom & a sailing dinghy race, had bumped over several ferry wakes & were yet an hour away from their anchorage. The sky was big and blue, crossed with a jet stream & the wispy clouds were way off in the distance. The sleeping giants, the mountains, dozed at the shore, only one eye open, keeping watch. After they rounded Point Atkinson the water was glass.

"Good!" Bossy replied "I'm counting on it".

Dowager purred, Selfish Captained & Bossy was stopped, looking & listening.

Despite; everybody, everything, right then & there, it was good.