Selfish Tries to Remember

The first thing Bossy explained to Selfish

That Selfish had trouble remembering was…

"Don't take me seriously!"

"I know I told you not to take me seriously but I meant about important things", Bossy blazes at Selfish.

Selfish hangs his head.

"How could you not remember!"

Selfish looks stricken.

"If I tell you that things are hopeless then put me to bed and give me a cup of tea. I obviously need a rest! But…."

Bossy shakes her finger almost sputtering. "If I ask you for a Vegetarian Pizza and 10 minutes later you come back with Meat Lovers!" Bossy eyes are aflame. "I don't want your cute excuse to be I told you not to take me seriously!"

Bossy ended up eating more than Selfish.

Selfish complained his stomach was fluttery.