Stupid & Loud in the Forest

Bossy & Selfish & Loud & Stupid have been away from The Hard for

Two months

Sitting in hidey holes mostly

Waiting out storms

A break in the weather and even Loud's willing

To go on a walk with Stupid

"Make him stay!" Loud squeals running behind a winter arbutus tree.

The arbutus is denuded; leaves savagely stripped by the season, the tattered remains of her parchment slip barely covers her flowing limbs.

"Make him stay!" Loud tromps over a massive circle of mushrooms seemingly growing without stems straight out from their caps.

"Stay! Here! Stupid!" Selfish commands in a menacing tone. "Sit!"

Stupid sits. He wags his tail staring up at The Big Guy. His head is cocked to one side. He's looking everywhere at everything but sitting as commanded. He's thinking "What!???" like crazy.

Loud climbs over a rotten branch and hides behind a giant fungus ladder.

"OK! Go find her!" Selfish orders Stupid waving his arm.

Stupid is off. Every molecule in his body is excited; whirling like crazy. His tail is wagging, his ears are flying, his nose is quivering light speed. He rushes over to a tree, then doubles back and checks out a mushroom, then races around a corner in the forest and (!) immediately reappears.

Stupid has no idea what he's supposed to be doing but, he's trying really hard.

Loud has played this game with Stupid before. She knows the rules. From behind the fungus ladder emits a noise somewhat resembling a South American parrot. Loud branch rustling is also heard.

Stupid immediately stops in his tracks and peers towards the noise.

Again the very un-sweet refrain of a distressed and perhaps rather large bird cracks through the forest.

Stupid looks worriedly over his shoulder at Bossy & Selfish.

"Go find her!" Bossy encourages. "Go find Loud." Bossy arm gestures towards the rustling branches.

Rustling branch noises joined by giggling.

Stupid, recognising giggle, rushes up to Loud.

An ecstatic chorus of "Good dog! Good dog! Good Dog!" is issued by all. There is much patting and general complimenting all round.

Stupid, his smiling doggy face beaming, is in glory. Bossy & Selfish & Loud are all feeling pretty good too!

When they row back to the boat, Loud & Stupid fight over who gets to sit in the bow of the dinghy.

They compromise and share the spot.