Down the Docks

Over the winter the dock people have a tendency to hibernate. It's too cold to wander the dock checking on each other. We all seem to have a tendency to hunker down inside, blankets wrapped around ourselves, eating raw meat or only vegetables (depending on preference) and reading too much.

Come Spring, however, having been cooped up inside for so long, things change. Every year I question my companion, "Where did those people come from?"

Wondering about the new faces I don't recognize. The ones that slipped in during the winter and the "summer people".

This year apparently Gawd has moved in down the dock. At first I thought it was Jesus because he looks just like Jesus - long hair - long beard - but my daughter pointed out Jesus has dark hair and this fellow's hair is white.

"It must be Gawd then", I said and we all agreed.

I find it comforting that Gawd's moved in down the dock along with the tattoo guy, the Russian Spy, Buddy, Bawb, Gomer Grunt and Mr. Shaw.