I don't know where Gumby's from. He's reticent about that. If you ask him, he'll simply reply "You know! Gumby Land".

What the heck does that mean? How do you deal with an answer like that? If you ask him where Gumby Land is, he'll just start giggling and then rolling on the floor, so I've given up.

He's a good guy Gumby though, whatever his past.

The Old Fisherman's from Holland. He misses Holland sometimes but his real home is here. I think he misses stuff about Holland that's not there anymore. Maybe he misses people in Holland that aren't there any more? Either way, The Old Fisherman's somewhat reticent about his past too. But you can really get him going sometimes about Holland and Europe and World War II. It's easy to get him riled up! But it's good. No matter how loud the argument gets (sometimes there's fists pounding tables and people standing on their feet!) you still know it's good.

You can see from the picture that Gumby and The Old Fisherman are good friends. Who would ever expect that two ah…people…so different from each other would end up being buddies but sometimes things just work out that way. Gumby's a pretty flexible guy and you've gotta know that he thinks The Old Fisherman whirrys* too much about things he can't do anything about. He whirrys about things like world peace and the nature of people. He even whirrys about maniacs riding their bikes on the sidewalk and rude bus drivers jerking the bus to a stop when old people are still standing up! Gumby's always trying to get The Old Fisherman to loosen up.

The Old Fisherman just loves Gumby. I figure The Old Fisherman has to love Gumby 'cause, what with the things Gumby does to him sometimes (!) and all the trouble that always happens around Gumby (!) nobody could live around it (!) without love, and a certain keen appreciation too!

Don't you think it's all one sided though. The Old Fisherman can get Gumby going from time to time too.

If I'm sitting across the table from the Old Fisherman and I see this certain twinkle in his eye, I like to get up and clear the counter before The Old Fisherman's got Gumby completely bouncing off the walls.

The Old Fisherman and Gumby, they've got one of those friendships that doesn't make anyone feel jealous or out of place. When you see them coming your way you always know whatever you talk about will either be heart felt and thought out or completely off the wall and interesting. As you watch them walk away, you find yourself feeling good about, not only them, but also yourself as we!!. There's Gumby flailing his arms about, jabbering maniacally about something and there's The Old Fisherman, nodding his head, listening indulgently, taking comfort from his friend's pure goodness.

I think if you sat down and tried to analyze their friendship it wouldn't do any good. Some say way back when, The Old Fisherman saved Gumby's life. Others say it's the other way around.

The way I figure it, they probably saved each other.