Antsy AuntSee Antcie

Elimination of individual free will via exponentially multipliable actions.

Bad Baad Baaaaaad


Freedom Free Dom FreeDum Freed Dumb

It's got something to do with being able to pick up and walk away. It's got something to do with knowing there's someplace else to go. It's got something to do with not having to leave.

Gall Gaul Gaull Gahel Gawl

A tight feeling in the throat, extending to the shoulders and lungs and eventually throughout the entire body which, if left unchecked, may cause cancer.

Heresy HerEssay HerAssy HairAssy

Doctrine of limited choices directed at anything passive enough to accept it.

Problem Probalem Problalm Praublamb Praublam

That which cannot be solved

Trauma TrawMa Tra-Ma Trawm'a

An iron bar, magnetized to events, inserted head to heel, designed to keep object slightly tilted.

Wand Waund Wond Whawnd

Usually right hand if right handed, left hand if etc (exceptions: see ambidextrous [sub wand] see also occasional [sub wand] ) used to point, usually pointer finger (exceptions: see pinky pointer [sub wand]) See also magik magick majict majegt madjick derivative: wound woond

Worry Whirry Worri Weree

To mull over possible splinter paths leading from a fixed point of contact.