I Have Been Taught It's All Mind Games, but I Gotta Figure there's Something More to It than That

I keep hearing about the "better" people

But they don't drop by my place too often

Is it that the better people:

• Just don't have the time

• Can't find a place for me on their agenda

• Meant to but then fell asleep

• Have other pressures

• Don't get down to my end of the dock too often

• Have different interests

• Have different tastes

• Have an un slash or educated outlook that is not compatible with mine

• Have a broader slash or narrower way of viewing

• Have calculated the time factors taking into account contingencies unknown to me and regret to advise

• Have no interest

• Just don't care

• See no value

• Lost my number

• Were going to get back to me but (fill in the blank)

• Had chaos strike

• See no evidence of my existence

• Got busy

• Just forgot

• Didn't want to intrude

• Understood something I was incapable of understanding and, (you know) was trying to let me off easy

• Simply, had had "enough"

• I don't know

• It does go on, and on, and on, and on...

I think it's like God

Except for a few miracles judiciously placed

I'm required to take existence on hear say

From time to time they do

You know

The "better" people

Do drop by my place

But never for very long

It always

You know

Gets ugly

I hear God's like that too

A really bad guest.