Thin King

Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu, was a Vietnamese man who volunteered to die on a scale so that science could measure the twenty-one ounces that are purported to leave the body at death. Déjà lived in the East Side of Vancouver. He was born in Canada to immigrant parents. His parents never talked about Vietnam and the war. They never spoke of mans inhumanity to man and the things that they had seen. Their strongest desire was to raise Déjà without the fears they had so rock bottom in themselves. Déjà died young, only 25, of a rare lung disease, more prevalent in Vietnamese people than the rest of the population.

Com Petition

Com was a simple man; went about his business with a one-track mind. Saw what he wanted and pursued it slowly, carefully and with intent until it was caught. Occasionally, from time to time, things got away, but generally Com got what he wanted. This condition went on all Com's life. Com never knew a moment of despair.

Ruth Less

Ruth Less was of Finnish decent, second generation Canadian. One of those cool blond princesses that remained remote even under the most trying circumstances. She was popular in school and college, was considered fun by the boys and no competition by the girls. Both the boys and girls were wrong although they never discerned it. Ruth went on to law school on a 80% scholarship even though her parents could well afford to educate her. She briefly married twice but neither marriage lasted long. She never spoke to anyone of failure. Ruth was a very successful lawyer, got big publicity early on in her career for a messy murder case; the initial contact given to her through her family. She retired quite young and went on to write successful law novels, two of which became blockbuster movies. Throughout her life she continued to have many friends and was never heard to express a single regret.

A. Void

A. Void never got much attention. During his school years he always sat in the back of the class and never talked to anyone. From time to time he'd slip up to a teacher or a professor at the end of a class and clarify something in his mind. He always made sure that class had emptied first and never took more than a few extra seconds of any teacher's time. A. Void went into business for himself after College. He did quite well, but never married, never travelled, never left his home again, so the world was largely unaware of his success.

Thin King

Thin King is Ethiopian. He's immigrated to Canada but is having trouble learning English. Thin King is shy and doesn't enjoy the ESL classes and all the people. It's hard to learn another language if you're introverted and shy away from interaction with other people. TV helps but it's not the same.

Thin King is a minor pop star in a minor city on a minor planet in a minor solar system. Thin King is into cocaine and thinks he is a Master of the Universe but he's not.

Thin King is a minor pop star in a minor city on a minor planet in a minor solar system.

Thin King is a performance artist. He makes his living by basically begging on the street taking on the persona of an uptight, middle lower class office worker, then a flying high, hair slicked back lawyer, then a street person checking on the fairies on the side walk. At the end of each performance, he waves a stick with a tin can nailed to the end. Whoever is around generally slips in a quarter or two.

The Things I still can't Say

Persistent Delusions

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