Things I am Not

& Can you Imagine?

Things I am Not

• A party girl

• Omnipotent

• Endlessly patient

• At peace

• Mean

• Without thought

• Criminal

• Fearless

• Unmindful

• Easy

• I am not Easy

• Easy is Number 1

Can You Imagine?

• Having your sibling enter into a mixed race marriage after they'd stopped running people out of town for it but, before it now*.

• Helping your 18-year-old daughter move out of the boat she's been living on for the last 8 years, at night, during a winter rainstorm, at low tide.

• Getting a phone call from your son, asking your opinion as to whether he should take a lie detector test, as some one has advised the Authorities he might be a rapist.

• Having to phone around to your friends, to find out if they've got anything special doing the next day, as your boat's batteries are dead and you need a three-hour tow.

• Waking up on Christmas morning, at anchor, in the middle of Squirrel Cove in Desolation Sound. Warm. The sun shining. Birds skittering across the water. The only boat. Lots of food. The whole family there. Everyone happy.

• Listening to two Gay Women talk through the pipes in a large building

• "Poosht" - the sound of water up over the bow of the boat.

• Fred attempting to fix our German made clock using a USA made crochet hook.