Part I

Under the bridges is where the trolls live

I was taught this as a child

Trolls are human beings

but they are misshapen

And it's difficult living under a bridge

So they're hard

I'm not a child anymore

but the troll's are still there

Misshapen and hard human beings

living under the bridges of our cities

Part II

What I know about Trolls:

  • Trolls are secretive and generally un-accepting of non-trolls.
  • Trolls don't much like each other either.
  • Trolls laugh at things other people don't consider polite.
  • Trolls play tricks on you if you try to interact with them.
  • Trolls are generally quarrelsome. If you meet a gregarious troll, "Watch Out!". That one is sure to play the biggest trick on you of all.
  • Trolls have different standards when it comes to personal cleanliness, but they live just as long as anybody else.
  • Sometimes a troll will get tired of being under a bridge, or something happens to their bridge and they're forced to leave. Then they generally move into a cheap apartment or a run down house with other Trolls, but they remain hard and there's not much you can do about being misshapen so you can still generally spot that they're a Troll even without the Bridge.
  • There's not too many Troll women. A few. I sometimes wonder if a bag lady is a Troll, but usually they're not.
  • There are absolutely no Troll children; only those they can capture and they don't last very long.
  • There are, contrary to popular belief, rich Trolls. Again, not too many, and of course they don't live under bridges. Rich trolls are very scary and must be spotted and walked away from immediately.*
  • Trolls admire hair
  • Again, contrary to popular belief, if a job needs to be done, Trolls are hard workers.

* See gregarious Trolls