Gordy Woegegenius

Gordy Woegegenius was another person who was in my life from before I can remember.

My Brother Garry's best friend Gordy lived at our house as much as at his own. I was positively sure I'd be Mrs Woegegenius as well as Rowdy Yates & and several others things* when I grew up. I was young. It was a long time ago. Gordy was in my life from before I can remember.

When I was very young Garry & Gordy would tolerate* me from time to time. Many's a time I can remember begging* my Brother & Gordy, "Can I come?! May I come?!"

If anyone would relent, it would be Gordy. Gordy was fond of me too. It was a reciprocal. He was the younger son of a brilliant Father & a brilliant older Brother. He could afford to be indulgent with the younger Sister of his best friend. He had sympathy and I was doting of him. It's hard not to be in love with someone who is fond of you. Especially if you are young, the person who is fond of you is much older (9 years) & much wiser, has knowledge of a world you are only allowed* to see a shadow of. It's especially easy to be in love with someone if added to the above, that someone from time to time does nice (!) things for you.

"Let her come Garry" Gordy would coax from time to time "Let her watch Garry" Gordy would allow.

My Brother and he would tie flies and let me touch the exotic feathers & threads & metallics. He would show me the logistics of the operation with a patience born of understanding & attachment. Gordy was a Fisherman, not deep sea but fly-fishing. I'd splash in some small icy creek, building ineffectual dams or hummingbird* swim in small deep pools watching Gordy & my Brother, hip deep in the water throwing flies to the fishies we'd eat for supper that night. It's a beautiful, timeless, slow motion thing watching fly fishermen fish. Perhaps especially if they're largely unaware that they're being watched.

As I grew up & Gordy did too, my childhood infatuation and his fond indulgence grew into something more distant. I dated boys and fell in love in other ways. Gordy went away to University and then I'd only see him in a blur, picking up my Brother out for a double date or off to a dance to see what there was to see. As more time went on and we both grew* some more, I too had left our small mountain town & had run away to the City. Then during the return visits, I too was very busy. As more time went on I began to only hear of Gordy. He too was brilliant like his brilliant Father & his brilliant older brother but Gordy had too much fun* at University and flunked out. The last time I heard of Gordy he was in Eastern Canada. Something to do with the Indians and the blockades.

It's been years since I've heard of Gordy.

The last time I saw Gordy he put me in jeopardy. My Brother was very angry and I'm not sure he ever forgave him. I'd gone back to visit my Father. It was the first visit with my Father after my Mother's death and funeral. My Brother was there visiting too. I can't remember my Brother's Children & Wife being there. They may have been but I can't remember. My Brother, Gordy & I had driven to a larger town 20 miles away. We sat in a bar and talked about things that had happened since we'd last spent any real time with each other. I felt that Gordy was angry with me and I felt that his anger was unjustified.

"After all these years & he never asked me to marry him," I thought.

I didn't feel he had any right to hold any anger against me.

"I was waiting for you to grow up and then you went away" he told me, a tight small bitter edge in his voice.

"Garry always knew where I was!" I threw back at him. "It's not like I disappeared."

I was cheeky. I was a grown-up now too & although I still loved him (he'd been in my life since before I could remember, he loved my Brother whom I loved very much too) he wasn't all-wise to me anymore. I knew some things too (!) now.

"You let off of her" my Brother laughingly/warningly counselled, putting his hand on his friend's shoulder. "Maybe I should drive home Gordy" he said. "Seems like maybe you've had too much to drink."

"No I'm OK" Gordy was adamant.

It was a long time ago for me. A time* when even Daddies would drive Babies home with too much under their belts.

It was winter cold, the snow was high, the dark narrow tree shadowed roads were icy.

"Slow down!" my Brother warned in a voice that was one step removed from a caution towards strident command. "Slow down!"

Gordy laughed. He didn't slow down.

We hit a telephone pole.

It was the second car accident my Brother had been in with Gordy. My first. Both times no one* was hurt. The second time though, a lifetime friendship was cracked & a simple love was firmly misplaced.

* I get points (!) for not surrounding with quotation marks!