It all Depends on How you Want to Die

I’ve finally figured out how I want to die:

I want my family around me going about their business. I want to be part of what they are doing. Still integral to their lives. I want them to notice me and be nicer to me than they usually are. I want to watch my family go about their business for the day and the evening and then I want to be helped to my bed. I might want to have my hair brushed. I’d like to say good night to my family in a dignified way.

“Good night” is what I’d like my family to hear, and then I’d like to go about my business of ceasing to exist.

I want my family to be prepared for the next morning. I want them to be prepared but mostly, I want them to go on about their business. I’d want to die knowing that my family would continue to go on about their business.

That’s how I’d like to die.


I’d like to have knowledge that my death is nigh. I’d like to be able to prepare myself and help prepare those people who might miss me when I am gone. Then I’d like to pack my bags, say “goodbye”, and go for a trip to Mexico.

I’d like to see the Gulf of Mexico and sit on a beach and watch young people grow for awhile. Then I’d like to get me to a pyramid, climb to the top, lay down on the flat of that Mexican pyramid, spread my arms in crucifixion and die.

That’s how I’d alternatively like to die .


I do not want to die running into a building with my airplane, killing people and destroying property, all the while thinking I'm saving the world from...

(fill in the blank)