Seeking Information on one Douglas F. Tree

Sigred J. Philipsen & Family

Please contact should you have any information leading to contact between Sigred Philipsen & Family and the above one Douglas F. Tree. Douglas was last seen in the vicinity of Vancouver, BC Canada, near the Pacific Ocean. At last sighting Douglas was wearing new spring needles and a plastic pot crudely decorated with hand painted flowers. It is possible Douglas is travelling with a Pansy gang and/or several Crocus groups.


I know you're probably better off wherever you are now, but it's been years! Please call home or have someone contact us on your behalf. We all love you & miss you Douglas! We just want to know that you're alive and OK. We just want you to know you're Welcome Home (!) If you want. Can't we put our differences into the past?

Information leading to contact with one Douglas F. Tree will garner eternal gratefulness from Douglas' family & friends. Please do not hesitate to make contact with any leads that you may have.