Things Fred Won't Let Sigred Put In the Blog

October 23, 2010

One of the things Sigred looked forward to in retirement was an ease from "competition". Our Mac dictionary has as one of it's definitions the following:

Ecology interaction between organisms, populations, or species, in which birth, growth and death depend on gaining a share of a limited environmental resource.

At a younger age (read naive), competition to Sigred meant doing the best you could, working hard and striving to better yourself. As time went on, competition appeared to take on a new meaning that never ceased to baffle Sigred. It seemed to have more to do with comparing situations than improving them. Hard work wasn't enough and politicking & some meanness of spirit seemed to be required.

"Perhaps" Sigred mused "Because our resources are diminishing it's required that the competition gets fiercer?"

In any case, Sigred thought she'd waded her way through that quagmire by the time she hit retirement. While it's true she can avoid it more now, evade & ignore it, from time to time it still knocks her across the head. Apparently, she'd forgotten about the "death" part in the definition.