Definitely Nuts

A Bunch of Words

Secrets started long ago

Held in a loop

Elementary physics not nearly enough

Lies and deception society norm

Laying low wholly inadequate

Everything a fight for survival and

Yawning destiny

January's come and gone weighted

Under the oppressive winter

Never remembering summer's all-ways there

Eternal wind genetic doom

Over a period of time the whole thing just became patently ludicrous

Listing and yawning again like Salmon's final upstream battle

Seeing no relief without

Eyes to the future

Novocain disappointment achieved by repeat performance

Persuaded into acceptance from time to time

After awhile weary

Timeless immemorial truths

Momentous moments multiplied and divided

Opera on every corner

Relative to the known universe

Ecology in seeming defeat

Reasonably certain

Everything going more or less to plan

Estimated arrival still unknown

Value to spirit

Enjoy with a grin even the grim

Send a message into time

But it's Coco Chanel® you Stupid Hag

Met a Renaissance Man with a bag of swords and of course a feather in his cap


A born again Christian with a magic formula and eyes that seemed just a little bit too deep

While watching and listening to two miles of long line being hauled up the dock


Four police officers were at the end of the ramp too , I saw them without my glasses on,

blue broad shouldered blurs way at the end of the dock

But when I asked why they were there

Nobody knew

Later on I went to The Hard and sat on a park bench at twilight

Looked down an endless tunnel of beauty resting in the middle of a long bicycle ride


Whilst on my park bench watching people wearing watches that cost more than my home

I overheard


Had the following words thrown at me

Look I'm telling you straight

That's what you're paying me for

You have no choices


It smells like something you could grow coffee in

That's what you get for wearing cheap perfume


Watched a little boy with a stick do a dance for his parents

"La la. La la" the little boy sang and then hit his stick against the stones of the seawall

"La la. La la" the little boy sang except when he'd hit his stick against the stones

Then he'd say, "Fuck you. Fuck you."

His parents seemed to think this was delightful

They clapped

Later on still when I got back safe to my home

After my long bicycle ride on The Hard seeking some quiet peace


Instead feeling bemused and firmly in purgatory

The two miles of long line still being pulled unceasingly along the dock

I checked the tide tables

It was in fact

Full moon

Testing 123


The reason for testing is to determine excellence


Testing never ends


The reason for testing is to determine failure




Cessation of testing indicates failure


Cessation of testing indicates success

Is & Ers

Is is the land

The way

And then there's



Er's way

Is' way is to do

What has to be done

Er's way is to do more

Is way is to work

Er's way is to work


It stands alone


Old Eskimos on the Ice

In de light of stuff

Be in a bird den

In de light of prince and pals and on her

In de light of state is its and every

dance and its

story oft heard

Weed the pea poll

De clear

De pike

In de light of stuff

Dangling on a Hook Once Again

It's a riddle

A guessing game

A labyrinth of cause and effect

It's mind set


Bringing up


Reaching out


Digging in

It's giving up


Giving in


Giving to


Giving all

It's laying low


Laying down


Reaching up


Bending over

It can't be defined

Except for the Beginning


The End






Includes:Good Lines