Game Over

Body & Mind


It's an unceasing push to be made to want the things

Others want

Survival of your species....................................

your class structures..............................................................

your peer groups.........................................your packs


Small i i-DENT-i-TY

Survival of a kind

Covered in bruises and almost always in pain

Pick up a newspaper

Dull aches and dark nights

And occasionally


Of divine

The Crows Tell Me Things

Expecting someone with an

Opposable Thumb

Can do something about


The Crow's expectations are wrong

They are

After all

Bird brains

Sunday Mourning

Economics, status and experience

Statistics, facts and studies

Behind-the-scenes politics and plain shenanigans

Newspapers, gossip, books, TV, radio and Internet

The "man on the street"


Cumulative, documented, statistical


Every pulpit, desk and mountain

Even if they choose

Not to

Seek them out

"The Word" must go out



Overwhelming evidence is pointed to

And weary heads are shaken


Hardened laughs escape

So difficult



Aren't We supposed to be Kind?

Just turned off the radio

CBC Radio Canada

They were talking

Everyday talk on the radio

Everyday talk about people

Being tortured

There was this smart guy

From England

A professor

Or some other high keeper

Of facts

He made a few succinct points

About a few succinct issues that

Drive me to despair

Everyday talk

Woo Owl Who

Went for a visit to a player last night

Who confided to repeatedly cheating on his wife

Whom he'd finally dumped

She'd refused to part with her own life

He had very white teeth and insisted on giving me

A hug

Which I made as awkward as possible

Stood too close to me

Attempted to touch my hand several times

Listened with almost perfect attention to my every word

Gave me tea and showed me his


"How come?" I asked

"How come

Players always want to show me their pictures but

If I try and show them mine

They yawn

How come?"

His response was a titter

Not a woo

Not a Chance

The excuse is always


Outlaw the excuse

And ignorance does not cease to exist

Hidden beneath layers

Cultivated, woven and spun

Reality merely shifts unseen


A spider's game

Torturing and suffering

Survival unaffected by rules




diversity is important and physics real,

what is replacing (fill in the blank)

Calibrate the reality you're walking through.

Even a rat in a trap checks out

88888888888888888888888 dimensions 88888888888888888888888


All indications indicate

Society advocates

The use of drugs

The only concern seems to be

That kickbacks are received

At every step





The product chain


Is it




My friend Val Crow

Has a head

That is attached quite loosely


Yet still it doesn't fall off

And roll on the floor

String Theory

We were talking on the telephone.

The-Man-Who-Used-to-Beat-Me laughed when I told him,

"I live on the water 'cause I'm safe from you there.

" Because he laughed, I ventured on.

"You've always had this thing about the water", I asked,

"Do you remember where it got started?"

He laughed again.

"You do remember.

You do. You do. You do. You do!"

He knows I love beginnings.

The-Man-Who-Used-to-Beat-Me knows I'm a sucker for

The String.

An extended, verbal,

"Ah shucks Ma'am" thing went on for some time.

I could see him then quite clearly In my mind's eye.

I could see his face.

I could see the way his mouth worked

The darting and spark in his eyes.

"She said I just sunk."


"My Mom", he sighed patiently explaining,

"She said that with the other kids,

She just threw them right in,

But that with me Well…"

"You sunk!?"

"I just sunk."

I howled.

I laughed.

He laughed.

He howled.

"That means you're a Witch",

I told him.