The Lost Then Found Poems

Time Doesn't Stop Here or Parting the Waters

There is something about going under the Granville & then the Burrard Street Bridge


All the traffic above & below

Time doesn't stop

It flows

Around the Bridge

Under the Bridges

Parting the Waters

(The Hook)

It requires faith

The hook

Ms Seal checking out Mr Yachty

Seals gulls & geese & ducks & long neck Chinese duck birds

No stop

No end

Fishies live here

Few Walls





And the water is

As the water does

And the water is


Always should look to the horizon


And don't forget

Try not to forget


Birds & trolls & fishies & life live under the Bridge

Bridges are structure providing a way


Joining or connecting spaces

Reducing gaps or…



Perceived or real

Time doesn't stop here

It flows

As time will

As time does

Cars & trucks & buses & bicycles & people

& dogs & boats & fishies &...

...there are few words in the sky

(The End)

Remember or Somehow Learn

It's a joke

I heard across the water

Female voice

Jesus walked across the water

Voices walk across the water

Think again


You're not a martyr

I've been told that more than once

Usually when I'm about to be martyred

By that voice then

Speaking to


Shit in the Air

Shall I tell a tale of a web as The Voices told me

In continuity?

I think not

Intrigues, hidden lust, jealousy, mayhem

Some comfort but

Precious little peace

Go see the Dowager I heard The Voices say

And then turned 'round to find a He standing at my door

"Eek!" I said "

Did I scare you?" The He said back

"Yes" I replied simply

"Oh" He simply said somewhat puzzled

Then added

"If I'd known that, I would have said 'Wha'cha up to?'


Few have the composure to explicate a web

Bind it together and it provides


Travelling in the Stepwell* or ThIs Is ReAL

Dowager's 371 Jimmy

And the sound of the water breaking off the bow

And the occasional squawk of the radio

Is all that that is heard

The sun is shining

The sky is big & blue

The sleeping giants, the mountains, slumber at the shore

The water is glass


Lying on the back deck

It's hot

It's breezy

Not too hot

The water plays a warm wind shore



Another time lying on the dock

Soaking up just a bit

Of the Sun

A couple of summers ago

A brace of teenagers went by

I could tell by the noise

I didn't look up

My arms & legs at a 45-degree angle

Wearing my yellow summer sundress

The one everyone likes

The kids commented:

"Like she's lying on sheets"


On my side

Arms up

My bottom arm my pillow

My top arm a sun block for my eyes

Legs curved

Soaking up just a bit

Of the Sun

FloCat rubs my calf with her head

A gentle warm furry soft

"I love you" Cat hug

I looked up

Later again still

Clam Bay

9:05 AM

The birds are active

I can hear the woman on the sailboat across the way


Talking to her dog

Getting her dinghy together

Taking her black lab for a walk

Now the motor from a small runabout

Now the woman talking to a man who just came out

Still the cackling

Still the crowing

Crows off in the distance

Telling me a tale I've not the wits

To understand