Time to Start Thinking


How do you keep despair

Way in the back?

You shut off your mind

You shut off your mind

Here are the devices you can use to

Shut off your mind







Nordic Ancestors, Crows, Fate & Perfection

It’s a linear thing

A line from here to there but



Slipped into a neat little box

All tied up with the big bright red ribbon of


It just don’t look the same


My brother brought home a baby crow

Found at the bottom of an old tree

That baby crow, he’d been pushed from the nest

Henry we called him

Lived with us for a time

Henry used to sit on our old black wall mounted telephone

Hunched over, feet clutching the receiver

Wings stretched up and out of the way

He’d squawk and crow and flap and carry on

Whenever the telephone rang

Harbinger of news coming

Northern cultures, crows and ravens

Doves and wasteland elsewhere

Handed down “step stones” to survival

Rain and floods

Pestilence and weakness


Brave new worlds

Another time I sat out in a back porch


Folded into a window sill

Smoking cigarettes

Watching the darkening sky

Evening after too many evening

My babies fast and asleep in the rooms behind me

Eyes wide

Fearful and afraid I watched

Huge flocks of crows

Black secrets

Blotting out my “vision”

Dragging me to fate

Whirling and diving and flocking in the air

Eating at my heart like birds will

One peck at a time


I tucked my babies around me as best I could

And ran away

Cruising across Georgia Straight

Half expecting to see a mushroom cloud

Rising above the ruins behind me

But instead I encountered

Two crows on a beach

One nagging the other

Cawing and beaking its companion

“You call this a vacation!

You promised to take me to some place nice!

Look where we are!


The companion crow stiffly walks away

It’s “partner” two stepping close behind

“All year I work so hard making a good home for you and this is my reward!

Dried up seaweed and sand!”

The companion crow turns and stares hard at the nagger.

“Just once I’d like to go some place nice!

Just once!”

The companion crow turns and goose steps away.

“Listen to me when I’m talking at you!

Can you hear me?

What am I going to tell my friends? “

The companion crow, not a glance behind, lifts black wings of redemption

And flies away

And then I came back.

Walking around the corner from “the hard”

Headed down towards the big dock

Slammed in the face with a genuine reality vision

“Oh no!”

Hundreds of crows

Crows on the road

Crows on the railings

Crows on the office window sill

Crows on the overhead fence

Crows on the dumpsters and the recycling containers

Crows flying overhead

Crows meandering in front of me

Crows chatting with each other

Crows laughing at me

“I’m just a tad uncomfortable about this”

I understated to my companion as we waded through the crows

Lazily lifting themselves out of our way.

Is it Art?

Nod your head

Pontificate the appropriate

But don’t forget

Henry, the crow my family cared for when I was a child

Was sitting out on our white picket fence one day

Minding his very own business

Watching the world with his beady little crow eyes

And the “Garbage Man” (we called them that then)

Came down our street

Scooped Henry off the fence and straight into a can

Slammed the lid down and then open it again

To throw Henry in the back of the truck and

Hit the compactor button

Pieces of stories

Cut up and put down into a

Jig saw puzzle of order

An illusion

A fantasy


Twisted to fit

Ordered to perfection

My Name Is

I went to The Psychiatrist and he told me

"You've got poor self-esteem Sheba."

I went to The Psychiatrist and he told me

"You're too controlling Shirley."

I went to The Psychiatrist and he told me

"You're sad Sally".

I went to The Psychiatrist and he told me

"I won't lend you any money Sandra".

I started to get pissed off

I went to The Psychiatrist and he told me

"You can't escape your fate Shelby."

I stopped going to the psychiatrist.

It is Unwise

It’s unwise to discount the wants and desires of youth

Their rage is pure

Unclouded by accumulated power and perspective

Youth longs for freedom

Not the spurious freedom adulterated through control over others

But freedom



I once overheard two women in conversation

Locked inside my cubicle at a “ladies” public wash room

“What do you think happened with her?”,

asked the first

“Bondage experiment gone bad”,

was the instant reply.

Then they laughed.


It is vitally important

That we remember




A Deck of Cards

Money and Time, Finance and Physics

Once upon a time I was responsible

For the droughts in Africa

Then I cried for two years

And brought the droughts



Once upon a time I nightmared

Of being a sole survivor

Screamed out against a charted fate

And then I got over it

For awhile

Once upon a time I saw a future

Too far ahead

Despaired at the facts

And then I stopped


Once upon a time I believed I was merely a mirror

A reflection of the people and conditions that surrounded me

Alice in Wonderland buffeted and distorted

By all the scenes and characters

In her life

And then I died

Code Words

Nc pn tm y knw Dth

Rght frm th bgnnng whn y nd Dth frst mt

Dth ddn't lk y

N rsn

Jst nstnct

O wll

Bng yng nd wntng t b lkd

Y trd t cgn Dth's mnd

Wst f tm

Wst f tm

Cn't fght nstnct

O wll gn

Y vntlly hd t rn

Dth's dsr

I Live on the Water

If It Dries up for Me

It's Bad for Everybody

Riding on The Wind

Cranes soar, floating, tipping and turning, rising and bending on the warm roller coaster winds. Steady as She Goes. Second or third maybe growth forest on the port side. Charcoal rocky beaches covered with temporarily forgotten logs. Patches of green scratchy growth drenched in misty rain and low hanging clouds. Rainforest primeval seclusion.

Flick a Switch

Dr. Hook plays on a machine. Gawd bless the 21st Century! I don't know where it's leading to, but I know I can make it if I can lean on you…

Out the Window

Starboard reveals BC Ferries looming in the mist. Sharp edged fog and rumbling water taxis cut through our wake.

Watch Out!

Grumbles from the Captain. Something about too many old crab traps. Down in the stern Faith, her feet on the back of the settee, pretends to read a book. Hair in a high tight ponytail, runners on the upholstery, small brewing frown on her face.


Awesome majesty surrounds. Ask the Birds! Seagulls and loons and crows and eagles and geese and ducks and swans and flitters chorus and solo, praise and complain. Dowager's engine rumbles on and the water goes "Poosht" as her bow bucks into the next wave.

Flick Flick Flick

Ripley the Wonder Dog vigilantly patrols. Wheelhouse to salon. Salon to wheelhouse. Wheelhouse to salon.

"Lay down!"


Killer Whales salute nonchalantly in passing. Dolphins show off frolicking in Dowager's wake. Sammy Seal peeks. Fishies. Don't forget All The Fishies that Swim in the Deep Blue Sea.

Hold On!

Caught in a storm! We're all a little afraid. We've been listening to the radio telling us that some other people are "caught in trouble". Bump! Ker-lunk. Maybe we're in trouble too? "Don't talk. Just do. Do it now!"

On the Hook

The water binds us or separates us. Barriers normally erected, stable and true, fade and distort. Concrete images are worn away. Requirements become ruthlessly simple.

Shiny bright materialities are simply covered

Then turned back into

What They

All Ways

Were Intended To Be


For All the Fishies in the Deep Blue Sea

And You and Me Water