By: A.D. Dodger aka Ivanovitch

Summer Notes Continually Objecting

July 14th

Back in 1985 I went to Russia and Odessa and the Ukraine. I was quite concerned that we were in danger of having an accidental war with the Soviet Union. The Americans had moved their missiles up to West Germany. This was putting the Soviets into a "Launch on Alert" situation. I agreed with Helen Caldecott that we were now becoming wired for nuclear war at the time of the next Soviet computer failure. I got the Mayor to give me a letter to the Mayor of Odessa (Sister City) expressing a desire to live in peace. Eighty other people gave me letters to pass out to people I would meet.

In Odessa I tried to speak Russian (Ukrainian would have been better). I met the Mayor and the Committee for the Defense of Peace. The Committee helped me find people to receive the letters and many pen-pal relationships started. The Committee asked me to promote peace on their behalf when I returned to Canada. I agreed that I would. We drank some champagne at the airport. When I got on the Aeroflot plane I discovered that my ticket had been upgraded to First Class.

In Canada I largely failed to make any difference but the following year some officials from Odessa came to Vancouver and planted a cedar tree in our co-op, which we agreed to take care of. They said they did not want war with us and that our tree should grow to be as big as the ones in Stanley Park! I looked around and was surprised to see so many tears. The last time I saw the tree it was getting very big!

July 16th

I have had a lot of questions about death and the way people die since my father-in-law died. He was here from Germany for the birth of our daughter. She was being born in the living room while life was going out of him in the spare bedroom. He liked me and I respected him like one out-law respects another. He had resisted the East German regime, the Hitler regime and the Kaiser regime. It was no wonder that he had only one kidney and one lung and one eye and was now paralyzed on the left side.

I became his nurse because he was getting abusive to his daughter and spouse. We didn't put him in a hospital because he spoke only German. I got him some marijuana and made him drink some tea. He was so frail that it didn't take much to get him stoned! He said he knew what the tea was and had been given it when he was a child in Berlin. He would roll right out of his bed to the floor and laugh!

I would ask him where he went when he kept leaving his body. He said he went back to Berlin and that he wanted to get back there as soon as possible. I kept telling him that I didn't think he would survive the trip. He would then agree that he would just get home dead and that he should stay with me. He met the Baby but then fell into a coma.

August 7th

I have sometimes questioned the notion of good people and bad people. I have seen so many examples of good people who do evil things and bad people who do good things or learn from their mistakes. My cousin that I grew up with had lots of violence in his life. I know he was spanked to make him fall asleep when he was very small. I know he killed Vietnamese with his machine gun from the door of his helicopter. One day he deserted from the battlefield. He got forged orders to go to Hawaii for R and R. When his hair was longer he got a flight to California and lived underground for several years. He was already unstable and the stress of living underground didn't help. He paid a big price. He is more of a hero to me than all the draft dodgers who had better information and money and time to reflect. I'm a little afraid of good people.

August 11th

It is not really true that the moon orbits the earth but rather that earth and the moon both orbit their common centre of gravity. They are both in each other's field of gravity. The Moon says, "I can touch you but you can't touch my tides". The Earth says, "OK" and never grabs the Moon but just does the dance. It takes about four years to do most all the steps and then they start to repeat the same dance again.

August 28th

I've got anger with the church of my childhood. I was brooding about the fate of my friend Dave. My church had this cozy deal with the military. They would recruit volunteers to be subjects for military medical experiments. Dave received some bad diseases and turned instantly into an old man.

The military of course denies any responsibility for his condition. The church of my childhood has never shown any responsibility. Dave, who stayed with the church, has put his trust in the Lord and won't fight back. I don't want to know how may other people from my church are in the same situation. Experimenting on Human Beings to develop germ warfare is a crime against humanity. This story will never be told because the people of my church are trained to be passive.

Cabin Fever

A jumper jumped off the pier right by my boat.

The rain had just let up.

I heard coast guard vessel "Osprey" headed for the pier.

Then I saw someone's face in the water.

Osprey approached at 2 knots.

The Crew was casual (professional) getting out their boat hook.

Then the face I could see in the water was between the boat and the pier.

Two fire trucks join the ambulance on the pier.

Finally the Coast Guard got out a boarding ladder.

Then I saw the torso of someone I thought I recognized.

It looked a lot like (fill in the blank)

The Coast Guard turned him over to the ambulance.