Remembering FDR

by Jerry Vilhotti

On this occasion visiting my oldest brother Leny One N doing his time at Lewisburg free board and room prison in Amish country, we were joined by my older brother Tommy Tom Tom (the flying psychologist), his wife Rhoda (give a man everything and he will give you back double!) my sister Alice in Wonderland (who invented the word gullible) and her husband Gus (the "shooterdowner" of a million kamikaze planes when he was in the navy) and he would always get mad when I'd say if the Japanese had that many we would be talking Japanese with a Divided USA accent and then to rub it in since he was an FDR hater too that since the country and most of the politicians at the time half of whom were being bought off by the American Nazi Bund we would have been doing the same in German and since all FDR's distractors were looking in the wrong places for the truth about how he had indeed squeezed the Japanese into attacking us so getting the nation to unite as one that the great man thought they were going to hit the Philippines and our two hundred soldiers there would have escaped death and injury, covered by trees. The only president elected four times - and this would bug Gus too when I'd say that FDR - was just as shocked as the rest of the country when Pearl Harbor was hit bad. He called me a damn communist in a Joe Wisconsin McCarthy way.