Spring Break,

a Child's Log of Desolation Sound

by: Faith Sigredsen

Day 1

My name is Faith and for school I'm suppose to write a journal of my Spring vacation, so I am going to tell you what is happening on the boat.

I am at a place called Grace Harbour. I went on a dinghy ride to a little island to get oysters when my new stepbrother Ferdinand got a really big cut. It was a really deep cut. My sister Hope went back to the boat to get a first-aid kit but my Mom gave her a tea towel instead. Then Hope came back. We wrapped Ferdinand's hand in the tea towel and then we went back to the boat.

We ate a big supper! Now it is really dark outside! You can see the stars!

My Mom, Fred and his son Ferdinand just went out on a dinghy ride in the dark, but wait...they're just coming back. Eeek the boat is tipping back and forth. I am going to play a game then I have to go to bed.

Day 2

Today in the morning we had a great big breakfast and then started to leave. My sister and I washed the dishes. I steered the boat for a long time. I saw a really big waterfall. We saw a big raven and lots of seals. I am at Squirrel Cove. I went swimming. It was very cold. Afterwards I went in the dinghy with my sister Hope. We went into a creek and the high tide was up and we couldn't get out. We picked up the dinghy and walked on rocks, then my sister had a good idea; she had her swimsuit on and she pushed the dinghy in the water. On the way back we saw navy boats. When we got back we went swimming again.

I've got to eat now.

Day 3

Today was very fun. We went into big waves. They splashed the windows. We saw a sailboat that was going to tip over but it didn't. The wind is hard but we made it. I am at Prideaux Haven. My sister rowed me and Ferdinand to get oysters for supper. I found the biggest oyster!! After we got enough oysters and we finished we started to leave in the dinghy. It was very windy coming back. When we were almost at the boat Ferdinand's hat fell in the water. We got it back though. The boat was moving away when we tried to get off the dinghy, but we did it. Then we all had a rest. After I ate my supper, then I played a game. I am going to go to bed.

Day 4

Today was only OK because we woke up and ate and then left and then we were in huge waves. My Mom was trying to get everything to stop moving. It was not fun. We all felt kind of sick but when it was over we felt all better. Fred parked the boat at the dock then my Mom got tokens for a shower. When my shower was on it broke and it was all cold. After that I went to the boat and found a bucket and went to find shells. I got a lot. A whole bucket full! My Mom said that I could keep some and put them in a bag. I am at Heriot Bay. It is very windy here.

Day 5

Today was fun. Lot and lots of fun. We woke up and left Heriot Bay then we went to Squirrel Cove again! My Mom, Fred and Ferdinand went for a dinghy ride. They found a rope that you can swing on and Fred came back to get Hope and I so that we could try the rope too. I took a lot of turns. About 5 times, maybe more. Fred took Mom and Hope back to the boat and then Hope came back for Ferdinand and me. Later on in the afternoon, I went in the dinghy with Ferdinand and he took me to the place where Hope and I got stuck and wouldn't you know it, we got stuck again, but this time I fell in the water. My shoes and socks got wet. When we finally got out, we went back to the boat.

Well, I have to go to bed now.

Day 6

Today was fun too. We left Squirrel Cove and came back to Powell River. Powell River is where we all started. We have to leave early in the morning. In the evening my sister and I went for a walk. We got some junk food! Later we cleaned the boat and now it is squeaky clean! We cleaned it inside and out. I won't get to sleep tonight because the ferry keeps coming in and out. The horn goes beeeeep really loud.

Well two more day of spring break. Today I am clean. Very clean. The ferry moves the boat back and forth. The ferry is just leaving Powell River. Soon I have to go to bed.

Day 7

Today I am home. We took two ferries to get back. We unpacked the car and put everything away. My cats were very happy to see us.

I miss the boat.