The Aunt's Eye

By: Jerry Vilhotti

No one wanted to take Tina to see her brother - afraid she was going to have one of her epileptic attacks due to her car accident of fifteen years before when running a stop sign in Miami on her way to see her childhood lover who had become a world champion five years after we left The Bronx and then got sent to prison after he retired for having sex with a sixteen year old girl who resembled a fifteen year old Tina that had looked like a woman in her twenties. Tina was considered the biggest knockout in two boroughs. The burden of taking her fell on me: the baby of the family, my wife and our two small children whom I instructed to watch her closely and see if their aunt's eye began to twitch to shout out that fact immediately so I could pull over ready to stick something in her mouth to prevent her from eating her tongue though boneless that could break bones with her hateful jealous ability to spew forth nasty words on anyone; especially me the last born who became the father's favorite. It would be a long trip going and coming back home with the eye.