The Gobblegook

by Jerry Vilhotti

This being our first visit to a federal reservation, though we saw no original American-Natives around just our brother Tommy Tom Tom flying a bit forgetting to take his lithium that stopped him from trying to find Christ and have Him tell all those people who went to His church that hating the poor and weak was a mortal sin and if He got a hold of the phony bastards He would do unto them what he had done to the greedy elephants trying to get into His house through the eye of a needle in the money temple going around asking prisoners if they were relatives of Geronimo, Chief Joe or any of their former leaders who had tried to stop the White Menace from killing all their people off and this was the reason I suspected a certain nervousness was making us speak sentences that avoided connections to full meaning which caused some guards to begin thinking this sort of like gobbledegook talking was perhaps a code to cover a possible visiting room takeover as revenge for allowing convicted politicians from the Garden New Jersey State to bribe them into allowing "things" to be smuggled in like "bubanyia" (our convicted hijacking brother Leny One N's word for dope) and there were plenty of other words that I called "Leny Things": "Hey if it takes sixty-four muscles to frown and only six to smile - isn't better to give all those muscles their exercise?" Lenny said with a frown.